My review – Centara Grand Hua Hin

Centara Grand is much more than just a 5 star luxury hotel. It is a piece of history right in the center of Hua Hin.

It´s beautiful and well kept, but also something completely different than You usally see in Thailand.
As you drive in and step out to the garden in front of the hotel. You feel like you are in another century, a little lovely time warp. It´s build in 1923 by  King Rama VI, and is originally known as The Railway Hotel, every new building is kept in the same original colonial style.

It´s all about being modern, service minded and lovely, but with a respect for history. To be honest when I saw the hotel on the Internet, I thought it was just some big buildings made to accommodate as many people as possible. No doubt that there was everything I could wish for on a luxury holiday, but still a hotel maybe a little to big for my taste.
BUT I was actually wrong. Have you ever stayed in a fully booked hotel and felt claustrophobic? Well not in this place. Even though some of the days were very busy, it always felt quiet and easy. No queue at the breakfast buffet, lots space and sunloungers by the pools, and well the beach is surely big enough for everyone. I really adored all the details and small venues all over the place. Every day I discovered some place new to have a drink and think about life.

The resort is big, but it´s divided in two sections,  the main hotel buildings and then just  separated by a small road, there is another area with all the Villas with even more privacy. I was there for 5 days and even though I got the full guide tour by the lovely PR manager, I feel there is more to see when I come back in the future.

My clubroom was nice and spacious  with a very classic but chic decor, and located with straight access to the garden pool. For me it was more than enough, as I was traveling with my daughter Josephine on this trip. In the future, if I go on a romantic trip, I might go for the  Villa option.


As I’m writing this, I’m not yet sure about which part of the hotel I loved the most and what to highlight. But here are a few important ones.

THE FOOD – was excellent. Whether it was the breakfast, the afternoon snacks at the club or dinner at the restaurant – everything was perfect! Much more about this later…

White sand, palm threes, low waters and not to many people. My kind of beach!

Great selection of 3 pools ( 4 if you count the one at the Villas) . The Garden pool was my favorite as it was located just outside my room.


If you are in to this kind of thing, you should really pay this hotel a visit. They sure know how to impress. My favorite was the Elephants. Everybody should have an elephant bush at home :-).

The staff in this hotel are very friendly, and I really love the way the greet not only the costumers but also each other. I´m a big fan of the whole “Sawasdee Ka” greeting. I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely PR manager, and just like the rest of the staff she was helpful and did everything she could to make our stay pleasant.


I really feel I have to mention the drink selection. As for the afternoon club, the wine menu at the restaurant and the selection in the bar. Just fantastic … And the know how to serve my favorite Pinot Noir… Chilled in a big glass!


I had the pleasure of getting a Salt Pot treatment which was great and something I never tried before. At first a little bit odd – the whole salt pot thingy ( it felt like a little stamp on the skin) but it quickly became very relaxing and destressing.


This is a very nice hotel, and well suited for families big or small and any age group. It´s a sure choice, and the location is probably one of the best in Hua Hin. Just in the middle of everything. Also if you are going in a larger group or even hosting an event, this hotel is perfect. For romantic holidays I would personally prefer something a little bit smaller.
I feel like we missed out a little bit on the local restaurants because the food in the hotel was so good, and we also enjoyed the afternoon snack ( with loads of wine) at the club. I would recommend you to book a room with club access anytime. For a little extra you get a lot of value ( and wine).

I was a guest of Centara on this Trip but the opinions and preferences in this post are my own. For more info about this hotel please visit their official website here


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