My Review – Le Meridien Saigon a quiet oasis

When I landed in HCMC after a long flight everything was chaotic, and I was paralyzed for the first couple of hours. I was thinking … hey this is going to be a crazy week.
I was right as Ho Chi Minh City is all kinds of crazy, but when you step inside The Le Meridien Saigon it´s like stepping in to another world. There is nothing stressfull about this place.

The hotel is located just next to the river, and the entire decor and the whole building is designed with a river theme. It´s very calming and modern at the same time. It was such a lovely base to have all those busy days in HCMC.
I had a lovely room with a river view in the 11 floor, which gave me a great overview of everything, even the traffic was in a nice distance, and I could enjoy the sight of it.
There are so many great things to say about this hotel. It´s brand new (one year), the service is great and friendly, and as mentioned it´s a very very relaxing place. This is my opinion, and I was lucky enough to have a little chat with the General Manager Justin Malcolm, and I asked him about his favorite features.

This is a new hotel. What makes it different than other HCMC hotels?
“I think the location is great you don’t find many other hotels like this. We are close to everything but still with a distance so you can relax out here”.

I have seen a lot of people doing business here in Le Meridien. Do you consider yourself mainly a business hotel?
“I like to think it´s a mix. I like to call it a staycation . You can do everyting here and we hope you feel at home”.

If you should highlight 3 things about Le Meridien what would they be?
Without a doubt the river, the spa and the food

After this little chat I decided to see if he was right about his 3 favorite things.

The River: No doubt that the location by the river gives the hotel a special feeling, and it´s actually kind of funny as the river (no offense) is not that pretty. It’s very industrial at daytime. Nighttime on the other hand is a whole different story. I had the pleasure of going on a boattrip and had another view  of the hotel from the river and as you can see it looks amazing from there,  and so did everything else.

The Food

Bamboo Chic – Forward thinking cuisine merges with contemporary design at Bamboo Chic—serving an inventive menu of Japanese and Chinese dishes and creative cocktails.
After  a few days with big buffets and loads of dishes, it was a very pleasant experience to have dinner at Bamboo chic. Some lovely Sashimi and a very fresh and tasty salad, was just what I needed. My only issue was the size of the wine servings, was a bit small for my taste. The decor is cozy and warm.

Latest Recipe
Experience a global array of flavours as well as traditional Vietnamese dishes at Latest Recipe.
I had lunch twice at the Latest Recipe and both times it was great. I needed something more international both days. International dishes with a twist. A poached egg on the caesar salad, and some fresh made falafel on the side of my pita dish made that little difference. You gotta love the wine glass 😉 and the size was suitable too.
The decor in here is a bit more contemporary, but bright and inviting.
The breakfast was served in here in the morning, and it was absolutely amazing. Everything you could wish for and the some ice-cream ( yep Ice cream for breakfast ).

The Spa
I had a lovely Discovery massage –  90 minutes of relaxation. It was great, and very good for the price. You can find spa treatments all over the city, and sometimes it´s a good idea to go outside the hotel to find the perfect place. In this case you should stay at the hotel … it´s worth it.
I have had my share of great treatments and this one was really good and combined with the fact that I could go there in my bathrobe, and not having to face traffic to get there was a winner.

Conclusion: I must agree with GM Justin Malcolm,  the 3 things combined makes Le Meridien Saigon  a very special place. I´m sure you can find a better meal, a better view and and better spa somewhere in Saigon, but what you can´t find is all 3 things in one place. I´m a  very comfortable person, so I like this combination.

If I should highlight an extra thing it would be the bed. The bed is fantastic and one of the of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in – NO KIDDING. Everything about is was great:  Size , softness, pillows … just everything.
I will be back at this hotel and a nap the next time I visit Saigon ..



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