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24 hours at The Barai – A spa experience for life

When I was invited to visit The Barai for 24 hours with my daughter Josephine, I was not sure what to expect. I was like … How does this work? Can you live at the spa? What is a spa suite? I saw the pictures on the website, and actually  I still did not get the whole picture, but when I finally arrived at The Barai it all made sense, and all of a sudden I totally understood the expression “paradise on earth”.

Determined to have the whole experience we checked in around 11.00 to have a look around, and getting ready for our spa appointments later in the afternoon. Honestly we could have just stayed in our suite for 24 hours, as it was being in a luxury apartment with everything your heart desires. You know when everything is just in the detail… and then some.


As you can see I was quite happy about this invitation


The Barai suite from inside and out


The Barai Suite from outside and in




It was hard to leave the suite but we did not wan´t to miss the lovely surroundings, which are just stunning, breathtaking and most of all soooo peaceful. So at around 1 pm we left our temporary home to have a look around.


It took me more than one look around to understand that this is actually a pool

IMG_1365 2

Our suite from the outside

IMG_1378 2

Champagne and orange juice at The Barai


3 pm it was time for our spa appointments, and our private butler picked us up from the suite (oh yes  did I mention we had a private butler? ) She took us to the spa area, which is unlike any spa, I have ever visited.


The Barai Spa Entrance

The place is huge, and when you enter and walk trough the long hallway and come into the courtyard, You are already in another world. You can easily spend a whole day in there, and there would still be places you did not discover.

The decor is Cambodia inspired, and that combined with the typical thai essentials,  gives it a special ethnic feel, that I have honestly never experienced before.

From the reception to the treatment rooms you walk through what feels like a labyrinth. The place is huge. 18 exotic treatment rooms on 4.5 acres.


They booked us in for massages. I had The Barai blend (The Barai signature) massage, and Josephine had Aromatherapy Massage which where suitable for her age ( It was her first and she slept for 2 hours, when she got back to the suite). We had a double treatment room, and enjoyed 90 minutes of total wellness. I must say, that I usually prefer having those kind of experiences by myself, but the whole environment was so relaxed and quiet. I did not even notice, that Josephine and her therapist was in the room as well.





Outdoor treatment area

After the massages we went back to our rooms, and Josephine took a nap. I relaxed by myself at the private beach, and enjoyed the company of absolutely nobody, which was very nice after 10 days of company  24/7.


At 5 pm it was time for our afternoon tea at the Mc Farland house- a little snack before dinner 🙂 Lot´s of  bubbles but no tea ;-).


We spent the evening in the suite, and we invited our friends over for drinks and fun. We did not wan´t to leave for dinner,  and still satisfied from the afternoon tea set, we called room service a couple of times for drinks only. The grown ups had some wine, and the kids had some fun jumping the bed.
There is only 8 of the mattresses in the world especially made for this spa hotel.
After a long day we were sleeping at 11.30 pm.


The next day we stayed in the suite, until we met up for lunch at 12am with The Barai PR Manager and the Social media manager for Hyatt and The Barai. They told us that there is a lot happening around the spa in the future.  Yoga and detox retreats are in the making, and a whole lot of other options for wellness and health travelers. We are going back for sure, and rather sooner than later. We did not want to leave, and  even though we just moved 50 meters into a deluxe club room at The Hyatt regency, and still  had access to the spa areas, it was sad.
I went back  2 days later to get a rejuvenating facial. Which left me feeling and looking 5 years younger :-).

The Barai has 8 residential spa suites and 18 exotic treatment rooms on 4.5 acres and is located next to Hyatt Regency Hua Hin. So if you stay there I would highly recommend you try this. It´s an experience for life. If you book of season there is  many good packages for reasonable prices. Do it – You will not regret it!
The Barai has just introduced their new program “Lifestyle Collection”. Fully inclusive of spa treatments , fitness activities and healthy meals. You can read all about it at thebarai.com.

I was a guest of The Barai spa but I will any day recommend this to any traveller around the world. Opinions about this are as always my own.



  1. mormormedstiletter.dk
    2. juli 2016 / 23:04

    Looks like the perfect place to relax after af long stressfull period og work and travelling:-)

  2. Anna
    3. juli 2016 / 1:36

    looking nice… Nice suite <3

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